Contract and Negotiations

It’s time to make an offer, so what happens next? First, we will provide you with as much background, details and disclosures on the property as possible. Next, we will discuss a strategy for your offer considering your needs while making it as appealing as possible to the sellers. We will represent your interests when presenting your offer to the seller and their agent. We will highlight and discuss the details of your offer as well as address any questions they may have.

Follow up negotiations may be necessary during your offer consideration period. The seller could take a number of steps in response to your offer such as: accept it as is, reject it as is, counter specific changes to the offer, counter multiple offers with the same or different changes to each offer. Each contract and offer is different. Deal points will take into consideration the final position of both parties, diligence in investigation of the property, timing to close and moving necessities. We will provide you with guidance, options, ideas and information along the way. We will also follow through in presenting and executing on your decisions as we represent your interests. Once both parties are able to find common ground on deal points and the offer is fully accepted and executed, it will be time to move toward closing!