Home Sale Preparation List

Your Home’s Curb Appeal

  • ❑ Mow lawn ❑ Trim shrubs ❑ Edge gardens and walkways ❑ Weed and mulch ❑ Sweep walkways and driveway, remove branches, litter or toys ❑ Add color and fill in bare spots with plantings ❑ Remove mildew or moss from walls or walks with bleach and water or other cleaner ❑ Take stains off your driveway with cleanser or kitty litter ❑ Stack woodpile neatly ❑ Clean and repair patio and deck area ❑ Remove any outdoor furniture which is not in good repair ❑ Make sure pool or spa sparkles ❑ Check for flat-fitting roof shingles ❑ Repair broken windows and shutters, replace torn screens, make sure frames and seams have solid caulking ❑ Hose off exterior wood and trim, replace damaged bricks or wood ❑ Touch up exterior paint, repair gutters and eaves ❑ Clean and remove rust from any window air conditioning units ❑ Paint the front door and mailbox ❑ Add a new front door mat and consider a seasonal door decoration ❑ Shine brass hardware on front door, outside lighting fixtures, etc. ❑ Make sure doorbell is in good working order

General Interior Tips

  • ❑ Add a fresh coat of interior paint in light, neutral colors ❑ Shampoo carpeting, replace if necessary ❑ Clean and wax hardwood floors, refinish if necessary ❑ Clean and wash kitchen and bathroom floors ❑ Wash all windows, vacuum blinds, wash window sills ❑ Clean the fireplace❑ Clean out and organize closets, add extra space by packing clothes and items you won’t need again until after you’ve moved ❑ Remove extra furniture, worn rugs, and items you don’t use; keep papers, toys, etc. picked up—especially on stairways ❑ Repair problems such as loose door knobs, cracked molding, leaking taps and toilets, squeaky doors, closets or screen doors which are off their tracks ❑ Add dishes of potpourri, or drop of vanilla or bath oil on light bulbs for scent ❑ Secure jewelry, cash and other valuables

The Kitchen

  • ❑ Make sure appliances are spotless inside and out (try baking soda for cleaning Formica stains) ❑ Make sure all appliances are in perfect working order ❑ Clean often forgotten spots on top of refrigerator and under sink ❑ Wax or sponge floor to brilliant shine, clean baseboards ❑ Unclutter all counter space, remove countertop appliances ❑ Organize items inside cabinets, pre-pack anything you won’t be using before you move

The Bathrooms 

  • ❑ Remove all rust and mildew ❑ Make sure tile, fixtures, shower doors, etc. are immaculate and shining ❑ Make sure all fixtures are in good repair ❑ Replace loose caulking or grout ❑ Make sure lighting is bright, but soft

The Master Bedroom

  • ❑ Organize furnishings to create a spacious look with well-defined sitting, sleeping, and dressing areas The Garage ❑ Sell, give away, or throw out unnecessary items ❑ Clean oily cement floor ❑ Provide strong overhead light ❑ Tidy storage or work areas

The Basement 

  • ❑ Sell, give away, or throw out unnecessary items ❑ Organize and create more floor space by hanging tools and placing items on shelves ❑ Clean water heater and drain sediment ❑ Change furnace filter ❑ Make inspection access easy ❑ Clean and paint concrete floor and walls ❑ Provide strong overhead light

The Attic

  • ❑ Tidy up by discarding or pre-packing ❑ Make sure energy-saving insulation is apparent ❑ Make sure air vent is in working order ❑ Provide strong overhead lighting

When It’s Time To Show

  • ❑ Make sure your property profile folder, utility bills, MLS profile, house location survey, etc. are available ❑ Open all draperies and shades, turn on all lights ❑ Pick up toys and other clutter, check to make sure beds are made and clothes are put away ❑ Give the carpets a quick vacuuming ❑ Add some strategically placed fresh flowers ❑ Open bathroom windows for fresh air ❑ Pop a spicy dessert or just a pan of cinnamon in the oven for aroma ❑ Turn off the television and turn on the radio music at a low volume ❑ Make a fire in the fireplace if appropriate ❑ Put pets in the backyard or arrange for a friend to keep them ❑ Make sure pet areas are clean and odorfree ❑ Make sure all trash is disposed of in neatly covered bins