Pending to Close

We have found you a home, successfully negotiated a contract and have an accepted offer. It is time to begin steps during the pending process. Third party attorneys and/or title companies may be involved to facilitate the neutral management and disbursement of all monies exchanging hands, as well as specific paperwork or inspection requirements. In this process, you will review a title report and history, receive receipts of any deposits, and review final estimated closing costs, as well as sign your closing paperwork.

Once you have started the process, there will be a number of action items with specific deadlines required by the various parties in the transaction. Each of these action items are determined by the specifics of your accepted contract and local regulations or laws. Some examples will be: • Review of property disclosures • Buyer inspections • An appraisal • City or county required inspections.

We will manage the details throughout the pending process, providing you guidance on what you need to complete and when. We will also coordinate with the multiple involved parties to ensure each are meeting the required actions and deadlines. When every step is complete, and every condition is met, you will be able to sign your final paperwork, deposit remaining monies, close and receive the keys to your new home!