The Home Search

The home search process is one of the many steps involved in purchasing the right home.

90% of homebuyers begin their search online and there are endless resources to help in that process.

The search process may seem daunting at times.

The wide variety of resources providing different information or listed homes make it challenging to decipher what is current and true. As your agent, we will work together to provide clarity and context for all the information you find online. Many sites have homes for sale and provide an array of photos, descriptions, and more. Unfortunately, most of these sites may be out of date, have incorrect information or mix inaccurate sources.

We will help provide you with the nuances to look out for on the various home searching sites and research properties you find, as well as properties we suggest for your consideration. Together, we will identify possible homes, tour properties and research the neighborhoods until you find the right place for you!

Once we do, the crucial next steps of making an offer, negotiating terms and executing on contract commitments will follow.